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Name: Shagarra Durral (The First, the Primitive)
Watcher: Did not have a Watcher
Location: Africa
Born: Approximately 50,000 BC
Died: ?
Notes: *The First Slayer
*Was created through powerful magics

Name: Nikki
Watcher: Unknown
Location: New York City
Born: 1955
Died: 1977
Notes: *Called at the age of 15
*Her mother died with Nikki was 16
*Killed by Spike, snapped her spinal cord
*Had a son called Robin born in 1973

Name: Buffy Anne Summers
Watcher: Merrick(died), Rupert Giles, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (no longer active)
Location: Originally Los Angeles, California, currently Sunnydale, California
Born: January 18. 1981
Died: *1997 of drowning, resuscitated by Xander Harris
*2001 of a dive into an electrical field, resurrected by Willow Rosenberg
*Currently active
Notes: *Faced and killed the Master
*Was in love with a vampire with a soul; Angel, formerly Angelus
*Fought hellgod Glory
*Destroyed all of Sunnydale while defeating the First

Name: Kendra
Watcher: Sam Zabuto
Location: Jamaica
Born: Approximately 1980
Died: May 1998
Notes: *Killed by Drusilla

Name: Faith
Watcher: FIrst one died (name unknown), Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Rupert Giles
Location: Originally Boston, Massachusetts
Born: Early 1980's
Died: Currently active
Notes: *First Watcher killed by Kakistos
*Very unstable
*Escaped from a Californian jail
*Fought the First Evil alongside Buffy Summers