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Faith sports a bold tribal tattoo in the middle of her right arm. Bellow is the basic tattoo that was created classified as a tribal design and is easily found in almost any tattoo parlor. 



Sarah herself has three separate tattoos. One on her right hip (more towards her backside), one on her left hip and the first one she ever got is on her ankle. Bellow you will find pictures of those we could find.




Angel has a gorgeous tattoo located on his right shoulder blade. It's a large Celtic gryphon that's holding the letter "A" between its legs. Bellow you will see the picture of David's back where the tattoo is located.



Charisma has a beautiful sun with gorgeous colors located on the small of her back. Charisma's tattoo is a stylized image of the sun and a moon entwinded, in oranges, yellows & some darker pigments. There is a face in the center of the sun. At a convention in June of 2002, Charisma explained thta she always wanted a sun tattoo because she likes the sun. She was waiting to find the right design that she wanted when she met her boyfriend. She saw his tattoo and knew that she wanted to copy it...and she wanted him as well! The tattoo is not covered up while Charisma is on Angle. She also has another tattoo. It's a rosary that appears to consist a blackwork (blacks and greys). It's located on her left wrist. She got it to remind herself to always be in a spiritual place.



Giles has the mark of Eyghon tattoed on his left inner-upper arm. The story behind the tattoo is when he was in his early twenties, Giles and a bunch of his friends became interested in demons and conjuring them into each other's bodies. It was the ultimate high for them and they tattooed themselves with the mark to make it easier for Eyghon to inhabit their bodies. Eventually, Eyghon took over the body of one of Giles' friends and they were forced to kill him.



Alyson herself has three tattoos. On the inside of her right ankle are two tribal dolphins. She has another one on the small of her back which is the Japanese kanji symbol which stands for luck and happiness. The third one in a turtle which is found on her left foot underneath her ankle bone.